What’s the 3 W Test? Ask yourself WHO, WHAT and WHERE to determine where you could improve your marketing. Need help? Just ask us!

take the 3 w test.



Do you know who your ideal customers are?

Do you have a way to collect data on your customers?

Do you email your customers at least once per month?

What are your customers saying about your business?

Are you collecting testimonials from your best customers?

Do you have a way for your customers to contact you easily online?


What would someone who knew nothing about your business think that you do by looking at your website?

What needs to be updated on your website?

Do you have professional images of your business and/or team?

Do you have visual content with clear calls to action?

What does your competition have that you don’t?

What do reviews say about you?

What social media channels work best for you?


Where are people finding your business?

Where do you show up in search results?

Where is your competition advertising? Do you need to be there?

Where is the most traffic coming from to your website?